Aug 2016

“As a veteran myself and working with many of our veterans as well as their family support members, I have used VTR for a great number of resumes. They don’t just help the veteran, but will take care of their family as well. I get a final version resume back in my inbox in just a couple hours or even less FOR fraction of the cost of most services. Just about every one of the resumes I get back are working within two weeks. I couldn’t put a stronger recommendation behind the VTR service.”

Charles L.

Warriors to Work Specialist


Sept 2016

“Top Custodio’s continue care to help us veterans is true to his ability to share his knowledge, and his desire to help the soldier. He was able to spend some time with me on the phone to help guide me through the many experience’s I have gained while serving our country. I am now equip with a resume the expresses my ability to apply with confidence, and quite frankly, I am currently being considered for positions because my resume was on target with the job description and requirements advertised.”

Thank you 1SG!

R. Strickland.

U.S. Army Veteran


Oct 2016

VTR delivers high quality, effective resumes with a fast turnaround. They even helped me out when I had a resume that needed to be done over the weekend! I highly recommend them for your resume needs!


Warrior to Work Specialist

Oct 2016

The service I received was very prompt and professional I would refer their services to all my friends.

LaTia Good

U.S. Navy veteran

Jan, 2017.

Thank you so much! I am floored on how fast and accurate my resume is. Very professional and well presented. Thanks, VTR!!

Semper Fi!

Frank K

Veteran- USMC


Feb, 2017

Happy Sunday Ed,

Ed this is so amazing you did an awesome job with Daniel’s resume and cover letter. I have never seen one done this way. The high level of professional wording, format and style…etc.

 Ed you are the man!!!!!  No wonder why you wanted to branch out to open your own business.

 Absolutely, I will definitely do some recruiting here in Minnesota and elsewhere to promote this wonderful business.

 Thank you so much for your help

 Faasua T

Veteran-U.S. Army


Feb 2017

Dear Ed Custodio:

Thank you for simplifying and revising my resume. I personally like the fact that my key qualifications are highlighted in the beginning, and how my timeline was simplified from the many positions I had within different companies. Since you updated my resume I have already received several phone calls from external labor markets by electronic media postings (Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn) and by employee referrals after days of updating my applications with this new version you worked on. This response from job postings is entirely beneficial, and I am truly grateful for your assistance. I will highly recommend my peers and colleges to receive assistance from you.

Thank you,

Daniel T

Military family member-


April, 2017


Thank you for the quick turn around and fantastic job! I will be referring your services to our sailors looking for professional help with their resumes.

Thanks again,


Master Chief- U.S. Navy


May, 2017

Ed, thank you for what you do for our veterans

 Michael L.

Grand Canyon University/Student Engagement

Veteran Resource Coordinator.

Veteran U.S Army


Jun, 2017

Thank you for services!

This was a great experience! I like how I am now able to understand and present my qualifications with confidence.  

Donald C

Veteran-U.S. Army


Jul, 2017

That was super-fast! Thanks Ed.

Dallas N

Warriors to work specialist


Jul, 2017

Hi Ed, that was very fast and it looks a whole lot better than my last one that I sent out this evening. Thank you for your time and effort.

Take care,


Veteran- U.S. Air Force.


Aug, 2017


Thank you for your efforts and taking care of us out here. As I near the end of my service, it is great to know we have Senior Non-coms out there who are willing to help in any capacity they can.

Thank you 1SG



Infantry Platoon Sergenat.

U.S. Army