United States Army Veteran

Two forces drove Custodio to the Army: service and economics. A native of American Samoa, he was heavily influenced by that territory’s culture of giving back to one’s country and community. However, when Custodio enlisted in 1984, the local economy was hurting, and the military seemed like an excellent way to earn college money. After completing basic training and Infantry school at Fort Benning, GA., 1SG Custodio’s assignments took him to military bases located across the globe including Colorado, Korea, Germany, Japan, and Panama.

In 1995, he was selected for recruiting duty: “I was not too thrilled about leaving the front for the civilian sector,” he jokes. “I wasn’t ready to take off my camouflage and get pretty in my dress uniform. However, recruiting duty turned out to be enjoyable, I was able to see young people transform into soldiers and develop the pride and discipline that came with it.”

Although Custodio loved the Army, by July 2006 he decided to leave the military to spend more time with his family. He attended ACAP/TAP classes, networked with retired colleagues and posted his resume on several websites with his local ACAP/TAP office. Two months before his terminal leave ended, Custodio was contacted by U-Haul for the military recruiting job, attended several interviews, and was soon hired. Ed has an extensive background in military transition, building high-level military recruiting programs, and is ready to help you and your family in your transition.

“Discipline, loyalty, and adaptability – those intangibles are what we seek in our employees. Where better to find those qualities than with military veterans?”

–Ed Custodio