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First things first; Thank you for your Service!

As you prepare to transition or have recently transitioned from the military into the civilian sector, you were provided resources and tools to help you find the “next chapter in life.” Many service members have taken advantage of these programs, but never-the-less, questions and uncertainty remain. Many Transition Assistance Programs (TAP) across all Branches of the Military are designed to provide you the necessities for a career change, but the majority of the pieces needed for this puzzle must be acquired on your own accord. This can feel like a daunting task. Although we know you have the fighting spirit to do so, your resume must be done properly to ensure a chance for success. It is your “ammo” to achieve the employment opportunity you are seeking.

Here at Veteran’s Top Resumes, we understand your concerns! We have been there ourselves, and we have witnessed and felt the uncertainty that comes with starting a new career after serving our country. Our goal is to help you navigate through this maze and ensure you are well prepared to pursue the opportunity you desire. It is important that on your resume we help you identify your qualities and experience from the military, but more so, present it in a manner that Corporate America understands and relates to without taking away from what you have earned and accomplished. Other veterans might have been looking at another industry or career path since you or your family has been out of the military. Let us “refresh and build” your current resume, make you a new amazing version, and revise it based on your current accomplishments and successes.

As a Veteran, let us share with you the mistakes we encountered and highlight “lesson learned” to prepare you better for your next mission. Not only do we have staff with high level military transitional experience, we offer what most veteran based companies will not; a staff that also has civilians with great appreciation and understanding of the military to help bridge the gap between the corporate world. With many years and experience in Corporate America and helping veterans seek opportunities in all industries, we are confident to provide you a resume that will provide the “correct” coordinates to your next mission in life.


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